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Acacia aneura

Plant Type


Common Names

Mulga Acacia
Mulga Wattle

Alternate Latin Names

Hardiness Zones

Plant Characteristics




typically 20', very old specimens can grow up to 45'




Full Sun


Cold Hardiness:

20 F

Heat Tolerance:


Very Low, Once Established

Growth Rate:

Bloom Color:

Bright Yellow

Bloom Time:



Toxicity Info:


Cultivation Notes

Acacia aneura are extremely hardy, thornless, evergreen, drought-tolerant trees native to Australia, perfect for hot, arid landscapes. A wonderful choice for erosion control because of its deep taproot and extensive lateral root systems, Mulga Acacias can be shaped to be either a single or multi-trunk tree or even pruned as a large shrub. The height of the tree is usually dictated by available irrigation and annual rainfall. As a member of the Fabaceae Family, they have nodules on their roots that host nitrogen-fixing bacteria that help increase soil fertility. They love full sun and hot summers, their grey-green hues, and buttery yellow flowers add beauty and texture to any xeric garden and attract a wide variety of pollinators. The indigenous aboriginal people of Australia highly value this slow-growing tree for its myriad uses as medicine, firewood, building materials, and its seeds for food.

Good drainage is very essential for this plant to thrive. It needs very little supplemental water once established, but irrigate by watering deeply and then allowing it to dry between waterings to help the plant send roots deep into the earth in search of moisture, this will help it establish itself to be drought-tolerant and build resilience to heat and cold. The length of time between waterings will vary depending on your growing conditions and environment.