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Bauhinia lunarioides

Plant Type


Common Names

Anacacho Orchid Tree
Anacacho Bauhinia
Orchid Tree
Texas Plume
Pata de Vaca

Alternate Latin Names

Hardiness Zones

Plant Characteristics


Mexico, Texas






Full Sun to Partial Shade


Cold Hardiness:

15-20 F

Heat Tolerance:


Growth Rate:

Bloom Color:

White or Pink

Bloom Time:



Toxicity Info:


Cultivation Notes

Bauhinia lunarioides, also known as the Anacacho Orchid Tree, is a beautiful small and delicate deciduous flowering tree native to the canyons and arroyos of the limestone hills in the Chihuahuan Desert in Texas and Northeastern Mexico. It is the only Bauhinia native to the United States. They do best if protected from strong winds, and can be shaped and pruned as a shrub, a single or multi-trunked tree. Bees, butterflies, and other pollinators adore the fragrant orchid-like clusters of flowers, along with the bi-lobed butterfly-shaped leaves, add a tropical feel to any arid garden. They are evergreen in climates with warmer winters but deciduous in colder conditions.

Good drainage is essential for this plant to thrive. It needs low amounts of supplemental water once established. Irrigate by watering deeply and then allowing the top several inches of soil to dry between waterings. This encourages the plant to send roots deep into the earth in search of moisture, helping it to become established, prevent root rot, build drought tolerance, and resilience to heat and cold. The length of time between waterings will vary depending on your growing conditions and environment.