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Chilopsis linearis

Plant Type


Common Names

Desert Willow
Willow Leafed Catalpa
Catalpa Willow

Alternate Latin Names

Hardiness Zones

Plant Characteristics


AZ, CA, NM, TX, Mexico


15'-25′; older specimens can be 40′




Full Sun to Partial Shade


Cold Hardiness:

10-15 F

Heat Tolerance:


Growth Rate:

Bloom Color:

These seeds are from a White Blossomed Tree, but Chilopsis can also be deeper shades of Pink and Purple.

Bloom Time:

Spring, Summer, and sometimes into early Fall


Toxicity Info:


Cultivation Notes

Chilopsis linearis is a fantastic, fast-growing, drought & heat-tolerant deciduous tree native to the Southwestern United States. It can be kept as a large shrub with pruning. Blooms begin in early Spring to early Summer depending on your climate zone and extend well into Fall before the tree goes dormant for the Winter. It is not a true willow but a member of the Catalpa family, but its drooping leaves and dangling seed pods provide that cascading, willow-like effect, it responds well to pruning. The prolific blossoms attract local pollinators, including bees, butterflies, and especially, hummingbirds.

Deep intermittent irrigation can provoke an amazing symphony of blossoms in even extreme Southwest desert conditions, but avoid overwatering to keep the branches from becoming prone to breaking. These trees require good drainage, they love the alkaline desert sand but can grow in a wide range of soils. Intense drought without supplemental water can cause dieback, while rains can provoke more blooms.